Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Interest that keep me Hoping to this world

Greetings my fellow bloggers and readers! On this post I would like to share something about, well, myself I guess since this blog is new and what have I been doing at home on the holidays~!
Numero Uno #1: Drawing is my life and soul
I have been drawing since I don’t know when since I have left many of my artwork on the walls of my house :P But I do know that I have been fascinated in arts when I was 11 years old and I have been drawing since then.

for more of my drawings visit this site :D 

#2: Games Oh Sweet Mother of Creativity in Humans!!!
Video games are the core of my interests and I believed that video games that induce the creativity inside of me to think outside of the mind and the ordinary. In my early ages I played those tape video games (remember them?) Yeah! Those were the glory days of 32 bit video games before 3D animation came in. Ahhhh, brings back memories

#3: Games I currently playing now!
Tekken 6

This isn’t one of my interest but an influence by Hakim M10E (No comment on his nick name but you guys know which Hakim I’m talking about)
This game has changed my perspective of fighting games since I played Marvel vs Capcom which I only thought they were only button masher-games. But, the longer I played it, the more I become fond of the combo buttons to trigger and make the game more and more interesting. Thanks Hakim :P

Final Fantasy Disidia & FF Dissidia Duodecim

Again, it’s a fighting game but in whole new world and perspective. Rather than just the side view in most fighting games, this game takes a 360 degrees view of the FF (Final Fantasy) world. I recommend to those who own a PSP to play this game!

I’m not much of a blogger or a speaker but when it comes to the things I want to share then I got so enthusiastic all of a sudden. Hee. Well, that’s it for now! See you guys in my video. I hope. Dang script making on your own can be a pain in the butt =.= Chow!! 


  1. Still drawing? Looking at the pic folder reminds me of our past project :) ...jom sambung :p

  2. hang dok penang lagi ka?
    jom jumpa mana2

    1. Jom2! Ak kat shah alam lg...nnti 8/7 ak blik kot png...insyaAllah..

  3. Eh eh? mcm knal je? ngeh3 any new editions to your drawings? haha