Friday, August 17, 2012

~Ramadhan 2012~

Long time no see eh?
Well, 1 month exactly if I’m not mistaken
Throughout this most Barakah month I haven’t been posting anything.
And, I apologise for that L
For this, I wanna share to all what and where I have been gone for the last 30 days?
Okay, on the 2nd day of Ramadhan my sister had successfully laboured a healthy baby boy at the hospital.

Hello, my name is Ummar :D

Next, I went on a trip to Penang . It was my first time driving to Penang without my parents. hahaha

And the most crucial event of the month and of the year goes to….
I have no comment on that day, it’s just that I am relieved that my work had finally paid off.
Classmate OHSEM!!!

Oh, we went to a Korean Restaurant for Buka Puasa and it was Awesome!!!

And yes, the most surprising event is right back I got home, I was involved in an accident  L(no pic available)
My car wasn’t so bad, but the guy’s bike is. And I’m not even sorry for him. So screw him!
Oh and on the same day, I took off to KL (again) driving (with my parents of course) to hand in those pesky forms that had been in our nightmares this whole time.
Aaaaaand that’s it.
1 whole month in just 1 post.
Man I feel lazy. Well, more will be coming next. InsyaAllah.
Bye. Wassalam  

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