Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What have I been Doing ALL these years?

Greetings (^_^)V...
Recently, I have been in contacted again with my old friends back in the days, in primary schools day that is, and they have been asking me what have I been doing all this time…
Well, to keep it short and sweet, I went to an “awesome” place to be called Kolej MARA Banting and going through a MEDICAL Course under the sponsorship of MARA..
Well, not that boring.. This is boring:

one morning at KMB

To swift through what I have been doing and to promote people to take medic (other than to make them suf … nevermind) here’s the activity that I manage to participate:

pineapple planting for BioD club
Pulau Indah Experience with aborigins for SOS club

shoot some hoops (yeah, looks ridiculous right?)
awesome volunteer work in the first sem :)
 Well, these are some of them... (can't expect me to show all of them right?)
 Those were the most awesome memories that I had ever experienced in KMB
I think there’s no other place to obtain such a priceless experience and a wide variety of friendship along the way
So, don’t ever think taking medic is a Hell of a time…  It’s your choice whether to spice things up with meaningful experience or just another study course in order for you to get a diploma…
Oh, almost forgot, in KMB, ALL of the students take IB diploma Program.
If you don’t know what it is, well, I tell you, it’s both heaven and hell at the same time LOL Just Kidding :P
Well, that’s it for now…
I’m still thinking of how to make a video post in my house without my parents’ noticing it =.=”
Till next time…Bamos (that’s Spanish for Chow!!)
Or is it Adios?.. idk…

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Helloooo World!! (AGAIN...)

                You guys are probably thinking why is the title has “(again…)” right?
            Well, that’s because of this is my second blog hehehe (my first one was a failure…) =.=”

Anyways, thank you in advance for reading this blog… There will be loads of interesting stuff in this blog and InsyaAllah, there’ll also be some videos of me discussing about some random stuff (like on youtube and other…)

Enough about that, intro about me:
Name: Qaiyyim (full name, go find it yourselves) :P
Status: Just finished a torturous 2 years of IB and well..ehem3
I have a facebook account:
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There’ll me loads of funny videos I’ll be making
I’m just doing this as my free time during this break hehe
So, enjoy yourselves…leaves some comments on some ideas about my first video.. I’m still thinking about it =.=”