Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What Lies Beyond the PostCard

greetings and salutations. assalamualaikum.
now in this post, is a very special one. and i hope the person who reads this from what he/she got a couple days ago to keep reading. cos this is special

now ever wonder what Dublin like? well wonder no more, cause there's nothing special here really

but the one thing thats special about dublin and ireland is the people. they are very very very very friendly and they have respect towards each other's religion too.

so this post is about whats more to dublin than just a post card. so, there are things that are significant for us to know when we visit ireland.

#1. The Spire (pronounce dia SE PAI YER)

standing at a 121.2 meters high, kalau tak nampak benda ni memang patut kena luku dekat kepala lah.

#2. The Wellington Monument

now this is a monument kalau tak pergi memang tak akan nampak. sebab apa? sebab monument ni ada dekat park dublin yang sangat besar. park tu nama Phoenix Park. and its about 707 hectars full of fields and hills and parks to enjoy with friends and family.

#3. A general view in Dublin

well, i dont wanna make this post too long, so, here are some of the general scenery that you will see if you are living here for the next 2 and a half years. haha

nilah RCSI :D

Le beautiful swan of dublin. (like a beautiful lady)

another park. dublin has many parks.
so thats it. i wanna write ALL of these in that postcard, but i think it wont fit. 
so to that person who recieved that postcard, 



See you guys again


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