Saturday, December 22, 2012

Shit People Say After 21/12/12

Assalam 'alaik.
Greetings and salutations.
Pada hari ini, I wanna make this post a mixing of both Malay and English language. Why?
Sebab, nak bg kawan2 dan orang yang paham bahasa Melayu sahaja baca ni. Well, kalau orang putih nak baca pon xpe.
As, most of the important contents of this post will be in English. I think… =.=
Okay, memandangkan pakcik2 dan makcik2 Mayan tersilap buat prediction diorang tentang ‘THE END OF THE WORLD’ maka terkeluarlah post blog ni. HAHAHA
Anyways, streaming through the internet, FB, Twitter, 9GAG, YouTube etc. I notice and realized something similar about peoples’ posts
So, to sum up everything that I had seen on the internet, I present you guys with some of the Shit People Say after 21/12/12
Date: 21/12/12
1.      “OMG, IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD TODAY!!!” – at home.
2.      [random girl] added 20 new photos titled “END OF THE WORLD DAY”

Date: 22/12/12
Date: 24/12/12
Date: 25/12/12
1.      “ITS CHRISMASS!!!!”
Date: 31/12/12
1.      “I’ll sleep in at 2012 so that I can wake up next year in 2013. LOL”
2.      Boy A: See you tomorrow dude!
Boy B: Oh, you mean, NEXT YEAR? LOL!
Boy A: *facepalm*
            Date: 1/1/13
1.      “I remember 2012 like it was yesterday”

Fuh, finally habis pon list tu. Tak sangka jadi panjang tu lak haha.
So yeah, those post that I listed will most probably be seen on facebook statuses, tweets and viral videos.
And you know what? Those guys just made me facepalming myself about their idiocity.
So, to those who reads this, don’t be those guys/girls. It annoying and shows your stupidity.

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