Saturday, September 1, 2012

::somebody that i used to know at a payphone, dear God::

"now and then i think of when we were together"

"you can be addicted to a certain kind of sadness"

"but you didn't have to cut me off"


"I'm at a payphone, tryin' to call home
all of my change i spent on you"

"you can't expect me to be fine,
I don't expect you to care"

"but even the sun sets in paradise"

"I gave you my love to borrow, but you just gave it away"

"all those fairy tales are full of S***,
one more stupid love song i'll be sick"


"dear God, the only thing i ask of you is to hold her when i'm not around and i'm much too far away"

"i left her when i found her, 
and now i wished i stayed"

"coz i'm lonely and i'm tired,
i'm missin' you again"


if that person is reading this.
i'm sorry and i forgive you.

thank you

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